Desperate Easter Chicks

Two little chicks realize they need to find a mate soon because they’ll never look this cute again.

Shooting Fish in a Barrel

Two airborne cupids are outside a crowded watering hole. One cupid explains, “It’s a singles bar. It’ll be like shooting fish in a barrel.”

Cupid’s Boycott Suggestion.

Cupid is sitting on the sidewalk, his back against a building. He has a cup for contributions. His bow and arrow lay nearby. He holds a protest sign telling people to boycott dating sites.

No Necking.

There’s a full moon and Love is in the air. But first the vampire couple, each with a beautiful pair of fangs, agrees “No hickies.”


At a Psychics Convention, a man and woman are attracted to each other. But we can’t read what they’re thinking. Their thoughts are censored.

Who Said Dating Was Easy?

Looking for love in all the wrong places? That’s how it feels until you find the relationship for you.

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