Without you…

A  mother duck is cruising across a lake. Her ducklings are riding her bareback. They are having fun frolicking and discovering. But they know without their mother, they’d be sunk.

Mother’s Timeless Advice.

Mothers encourage children not to engage in certain activities until they’ve grown-up and have a partner. Pouting is one of them.

The Best Years of Her Life.

A frazzled mother sits at the kitchen table teaching a screaming baby how to eat. The kitchen looks askew. Looking back, mother’s often say these were the best days of their lives.  Looking back, the kid kids they were his/her best days, too.

How Mothers Know Their Child.

Here’s a mother who demonstrates the usual way a mother knows her child. Ooops. We meant “No”s her child. For example, “You’ve got to be joking,” or “Yeah, when pigs fly.”

Did She Mention Her Son?

Did she mention her son? Are you kidding? She’s a mother. Two female rabbits are having coffee at the kitchen table. The mother is bragging about her son, the Easter bunny. And the other looks pained because she’s heard it all before…many, many times before.

Clever Kid Mocks Discipline

A clever kid says childhood has been pretty good so far and suggests not spoiling it with silly rules.

But Mom….

A mother penguin is dressing her child in winter clothes, hat, gloves, scarf and so on. The child protests. After all, they’re penguins.

Most Mothers Get a Call

Most mothers get a call on Mother’s Day complains an alligator wife to her husband. But she won’t be because he eat their young?

What Do Bears Do In the Woods?

A mother bear is in the woods with her cub. And she’s quizzing her cub on where bears go potty. And the answer is not, “In the meadow.”

Equally Cute

A mother warthog is assuring her children that they’re all equally cute.

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