No Shoes. No Service

Slide Howie

Elephant’s Shoe Size.

Decoy Quackers

Evil Ivory Trader or Average Dentist?

More of John Gallagher’s Cartoons

After my last post, I realized I had a bunch more of John Gallagher’s cartoons I wanted to share. Here’s another collection with more to come in the future.

A Salute to John Gallagher, gag cartoonist

When I was a young teenager, I had dreams of being a gag cartoonist for the magazines. I remember leafing through old periodicals our neighbors were throwing out: The Saturday Evening Post, Collier’s, True, Look and others from the glorious 1950s, the golden age of the one panel cartoon. There were dozens of names I […]

Before Roland and Sylvester: William Steig’s Early Cartoons

Today we mainly think of William Steig as an award -winning author/illustrator of children’s picture books. He was the creator of Shrek, Sylvester, Roland, Doctor De Soto and so many more popular and memorable characters. But Steig was 61 when his first children’s book was published. Before that he had a very successful career as […]

Mother’s Day Greeting Card: Moms Say No

Christmas Greeting Card Cartoon: Holiday Bills.

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