The Post Cereal you won’t find on your supermarket shelves.

Zany Trade Cards-Small ads of the late 1800s

One of the most popular forms of advertising for small businesses at the turn of the century were trade cards (small space ads).  They were about half the size of today’s postcard. And they were typically a pre-printed color image on the front.  The local businesses would print their own message on the blank reverse […]

Austin Briggs: His Advertising Illustrations

The artist Austin Briggs was rightly celebrated for his masterly editorial illustrations for magazines through the 1940s and 50s. His art drew the reader right into the stories with a sense of drama and anticipation, like a good movie trailer. Somewhat ignored is the advertising work he did for clients like American Airlines, General Motors […]

Artists who illustrated in the CEREAL WARS

Advertisers put illustrators to work painting adults and mostly children scarfing down all kinds of grains in all kinds of shapes. The idea of pouring milk on a bowl of cereal was a convenient and appealing answer to the problem of breakfast. Here’s some of the artists who succeeded in making it an everyday fixture […]

Burger Chef Funmeal: Fangburger’s FunHouse

Burger Chef Funmeal: On Safari with Clyde Bwanaburger.

Burger Chef Funmeal: Burgerini’s Magic Show

Burger Chef Funmeal: In Days of Olde

Burger Chef Funmeal: Cackleburger Bewitches!

Burger Chef Funmeal: Burgerilla Lends A Hand.

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