Be thankful for a tankful.

An Indian and pilgrim are sitting at a table. The Indian is showing the pilgrim an ear of corn. He’s explaining maize means bio-fuel but it’s also edible.

Thanksgiving is a Long Term Commitment

Two hard hat workers at lunch table. One of the men has sprouted a turkey tail and snood. His buddy is astounded to see the guy is still eating another turkey sandwich?

Wow! Another Turkey Sandwich

Workman are having lunch. One of them, Ed, has turkey tail feathers and a turkey nose snood. The other guy observes and is amazed that Ed is having another turkey sandwich.

The Pilgrims Started It

This cartoon salutes over-eating on Thanksgiving everywhere. This Pilgrim is at the Thanksgiving table. He has stuffed himself but his wife is bringing desert. He says another bite and he’ll burst upon himself. The pilgrims started it.

Turkey Talks Carbon Footprint

A turkey tries to save his neck by asking the Pilgrim butcher to think about the carbon footprint roasting turkeys create.

Just One Last Bite

The kitchen table is covered with dinner leftovers. The walls are splattered in various colors representing food. The woman is telling the police that her husband’s last words were: “Another bite and I’ll burst.”

Thanksgiving: Food Cooked, Nerves Raw.

Anyone we know?  

Revolting Thanksgiving Turkey Cartoon.

Thanksgiving Game Cartoon Greetings.

Thanksgiving Dinner Going to the Dogs

It’s Thanksgiving and a puppy isa getting instructions on how to enjoy the feast of food scraps. See more Dick Chodkowski cartoons about:   Fathers,   Mothers,   Dogs,   Animals,   Thanksgiving

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