Good Start

Diplomas mean you know a little something.

It’s a Lot More Peanuts.

With diploma earned this elephant is entering the work place running. It’s a new adventure. Yes, like you, the elephant will be working for peanuts. But with a diploma it’s a lot more peanuts.

Years In the Making

The mad scientist tells Frankenstein he doesn’t have the brains graduate. All the brains are in jars on the lab table.  But you do have the brains. You are graduating. Friends are impressed. The family is relieved. Time for a monster celebration.

Graduates, Welcome to the Jungle.

You might think graduation is the end of the struggle but actually it’s just the beginning. As the saying goes when you enter the working world: Welcome to the Jungle

Cliff Notes

The lemmings are jumping over the cliff. They are wearing graduation caps (mortar boards) and being thankful for cliff notes.   

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