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In 1962 Stan and Jan Berenstain took a new book concept to their publisher, Random House. The story featured a family of … [Read More...]

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Domesticated Daddy

A wolf looks a little sheepish as he faces his pack of tough-looking wolves. Yes, he’s become a daddy. He’s wearing a birthday hat, grips a frisbee in his mouth and he’s wagging his tail. And with that in mind, the leader says they’ve voted him out of the gang.

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Official Monroe Street Book T-Shirts

Dick Chodkowski, artist, humorist, freelance illustrator, and co-owner of Monroe Street Books has launched a new line of funny and edgy designs available online now. Book lovers and readers will love this literary t-shirt that pokes fun at the classics. Buy it here. Children and adults can’t resist the message in this a-mew-sing t-shirt with […]

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