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Robert Fawcett: At the Scene of the Crime

Robert Fawcett is justifiably called an illustrator’s illustrator. He was born in England, raised in Canada and … [Read More...]

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Dining At The Ducky Diner

In the late 1990s, I had an idea for a children’s picture book called “Dining at the Ducky Diner.” I had already published two titles by small houses and was anxious to see if I could sell into one of the major publishers. The field is very competitive and full of talented people. I’ve always […]

Monroe Street Books

Official Monroe Street Book T-Shirts

Dick Chodkowski, artist, humorist, freelance illustrator, and co-owner of Monroe Street Books has launched a new line of funny and edgy designs available online now. Book lovers and readers will love this literary t-shirt that pokes fun at the classics. Buy it here. Children and adults can’t resist the message in this a-mew-sing t-shirt with […]

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