The FLY Proliferates.

When talking multiple, multiple births, do you name or number the children? See more Dick Chodkowski cartoons about:   Fathers,   Insects

Moose Fathers and Sons

An adolescent male moose is dressed to go out. His father is reading the newspaper. The teenager moose asks if he can borrow the antlers which sit on a shelf near the door.

Domesticated Daddy

A wolf looks a little sheepish as he faces his pack of tough-looking wolves. Yes, he’s become a daddy. He’s wearing a birthday hat, grips a frisbee in his mouth and he’s wagging his tail. And with that in mind, the leader says they’ve voted him out of the gang.

Clever Kid Mocks Discipline

A clever kid says childhood has been pretty good so far and suggests not spoiling it with silly rules.

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