A Time For Hope

A prairie dog on a desolate plain is peering up from his burrow to see a star shinning bright. In the sky is written, “Christmas is a time for hope.”

Celebrate Christmas with cartoon humor.

Celebrate Christmas with some cartoons and laughs. Be like Santa Claus who is famous for laughing.  Though you probably won’t have a belly that shakes like a bowl full of jelly. 

Something for Everyone group

Christmas Greeting Card Covers Work By Themselves as Cartoons. Merry Christmas To All.

Christmas In The Sun Belt?

Cartoon Christmas Card: Everyone’s Nicer

It’s Only a Holiday!

Let It Be Blubber.

It’s a pleasure for these Eskimo parents to watch their young son shake his Christmas present.  He’s trying to guess what’s inside. He’s hoping really hard that it’s blubber. A good present depends on where you are.

Reservations for the Donner Party

Santa’s reindeer are lined-up in a posh restaurant. The maitre’d is at his station. So Donner is at the front to give his name. The Donner party has reservations.

Santa’s Back

Santa is standing alone with a big grin. He’s also covered in black soot from the chimney he came down.

Christmas Advice: Look Droopy

Christmas Trees in the woods. One of them is worried as a man with an axe approaches. The tree tells himself to “look droopy.”

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