Burger Chef Funmeal: Fangburger’s FunHouse

Puzzling Pickles! Fangurger’s family is out for a nighttime stroll. Can you find them in the picture?


BACK: It’s a Fangburger mask. Punch it out for a haunting disguise.

Fangburger’s FunHouse: BACK

Cartoon strip. Fangburger has the hiccups and needs a good scare so they’ll stop. But everyone is too scared of him to scare him. Burger Chef knows what to do.

Fangburger’s FunHouse: BOTTOM

From baseball bat to Horror Film, this page is decorated with bone-thrilling jokes and Funmoney.

Fangburger’s FunHouse: Food Tray

About Dick Chodkowski

Illustrator/writer: greeting cards, advertising art, children's and humor books and co-owner of Vermont's biggest and best used book store: Monroe Street Books

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