Good Clean Fun: Vintage Soap Ads

Back in the day, bath soap had only two purposes: To get the dirt off and make you beautiful. Forget today’s body washes, bath bombs and aerosols. Grab a cake and lather up.  After framing, many of these vintage ads make great decorations for the bathroom. See hundreds of similar vintage magazine ads and covers […]


In 1962 Stan and Jan Berenstain brought a new book concept aimed at children to their editor at Random House. The editor was Theodor Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, and the book was called The Big Honey Hunt. It featured a family of bears as protagonists and was enthusiastically championed by Suess and published […]

Edward Penfield: Master of the Poster.

Great Dog Illustrations

Monroe Street Books has a selection of books with dog illustrations. Take a look at the following links. The Good Dog Book Illustrated by Gustaf Tenggren Puppies Dogs and Blue Northers by Gary Paulsen Jill’s Dogs by Jill Freedman The Wonderful Dog Show by Katherine Mace Police Dog by Roderic Jeffries Scrub Dog of Alaska […]

John Gannam’s Amazing Watercolors

In the field of commercial illustration we have, in the work of John Gannam, our Rodney Dangerfield. It’s not that other illustrators didn’t respect him. In fact, they were in awe of his talent. But the broader public and even many a casual observer of illustration and advertising in the 40s and 50s wouldn’t recognize […]

Bundy’s Beauties

He’ll be remembered for his high-spirited approach to playboys, booze and party girls that populated his Depression-Era cartoons. Many of these gags wouldn’t fly in today’s post-MeToo environment. But the 1930s were the Golden Age of Sexism. And you can’t deny Bundy’s enormous talent and technical ability. Here’s a sample.

The Post Cereal you won’t find on your supermarket shelves.

La Gatta’s Lovely Ladies

I knew John La Gatta. Ok, knew might not be exactly the right word. But I was in the same room with him on a number of occasions. I was a greenhorn student at The Art Center School in Los Angeles in the early sixties, fresh out of high school and had delusions of becoming […]

Robert Fawcett: At the Scene of the Crime

Robert Fawcett is justifiably called an illustrator’s illustrator. He was born in England, raised in Canada and later lived and worked in the U.S. His career took off in the 1940s and 50s as a top illustrator for magazine publishers. He later became one of the original founders of The Famous Artist School. While he […]

A.B. Frost’s Early Street Sketches and Reportage

Arthur Burdette Frost’s early work was principally in pen line – like most book and magazine illustrations of the period. Line drawings reproduced better and were cheaper to engrave than halftone art. As one of Harper’s star artists, Frost was often sent out to cover articles on different parts of the country. Small towns and […]

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