Artists who illustrated in the CEREAL WARS

Advertisers put illustrators to work painting adults and mostly children scarfing down all kinds of grains in all kinds of shapes. The idea of pouring milk on a bowl of cereal was a convenient and appealing answer to the problem of breakfast. Here’s some of the artists who succeeded in making it an everyday fixture […]

Bugs Bunny Addendum

A few more images to celebrate Bugs Bunny’s birth, yesterday with the release of “A Wild Hare,” by Dick Chodkowski – Gagster Chod                

Best Ears of Our Lives

On this day in 1940  Bugs Bunny made his debut in “A Wild Hare.” by Dick Chodkowski – @GagsterChod I wanted to lift every word from  because it’s interesting if this is your thing. Sure, I could have rewritten it for this post – but someone else deserves credit for the very neat coverage. […]

Burger Chef and Jeff in the Missing Pickles Mystery

Mad Men and Don Draper take note  by Dick Chodkowski – @GagsterChod Ogilvy & Mather’s Los Angeles office handled the Burger Chef account from about 1973-1978. Their New York office had a number of General Foods accounts and GF had recently acquired the fast food franchise. Part of Burger Chef’s strategy was to appeal to […]

Burger Chef and Jeff in the Haunted Hotel Mystery

Scarce 1975 Burger Chef and Jeff comic books.    by Dick Chodkowski – @GagsterChod Back in the day when there were Burger Chef fast food restaurants, Burger Chef and Jeff were the cartoon spokesmen featured in commercials and store premiums aimed at kids. There were 2 comic books printed for giveaways in their popular Funburgers […]

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