Austin Briggs: His Advertising Illustrations

The artist Austin Briggs was rightly celebrated for his masterly editorial illustrations for magazines through the 1940s and 50s. His art drew the reader right into the stories with a sense of drama and anticipation, like a good movie trailer. Somewhat ignored is the advertising work he did for clients like American Airlines, General Motors and TV Guide. The post World War era was bringing enormous changes in air travel, electronic communication and transportation. Here’s a small gallery of the work Briggs did during this period.

General Motors 1959

Gulf Oil Co. 1945

1945 vintage ad for Gulf oil. Two chilren shoveling snow while two men chat. Caption under illustration is "I just figure it's money well spent. Gulfpride is certainly worth the extra pennies!"

American Airlines 1950

Illustration of young boy showing trepidation and his mother facing carousel ride. "The First Ride Makes All the Difference." American Airlines September 1950.

TV Guide 1960

We see from back little boy standing in front of TV. TV Guide.

Gulf Oil Co. 1945

Three men in suits casually talking outside suburban house. Car in forefront. "Gulfpride is the oil if you want your car to last."
A baby is walking toward open arms of grandmother on tarmac

TV Guide 1960

Cameraman carrying equipment on back is covering an announcement. TV Guide is pushing watching TV.

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