Dining At The Ducky Diner

In the late 1990s, I had an idea for a children’s picture book called “Dining at the Ducky Diner.” I had already published two titles by small houses and was anxious to see if I could sell into one of the major publishers. The field is very competitive and full of talented people. I’ve always […]

Shooting Fish in a Barrel

Two airborne cupids are outside a crowded watering hole. One cupid explains, “It’s a singles bar. It’ll be like shooting fish in a barrel.”

Cupid Computer Central

Two cupids are sitting before a wall of computer screens. They are following different dating sites. But one says he doesn’t care if the new system is more efficient. He misses using the arrows.

The Nose Knows

Two shaggy-haired dogs are facing each other. Love is in the air. And one dog says to the other dog, “You smell cute. The nose knows.

Valentine Comix

A man is at the Post Office sending out 1,000 perfumed Valentine Day cards signed “Guess Who.” He explains it’s good for business. He’s a divorce lawyer.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Celebration

A woman describes the perfect Valentine’s Day celebration. Then says it would be even better with a partner.


Like Cats Take Direction.

A woman in her living room, videotaping her cat while prompting the cat to look at her and do something cute. The cat is sitting on the couch with a ball of yarn, seemingly dumbfounded by the request.

Mating Dance

A dance class for turkeys, literally. They are learning to do mating dance steps like, spreading their tail feathers and warbling. You have to be ready in case love comes your way.

Just The Way I Am

A disheveled husband sitting in his favorite chair with chips, beer and the TV remote in hand. He says he’ll always love you, just the way he is.

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