Sealed with a Slobber.

A dog is taking an envelope from the mailbox. The envelope has S.W.A.S. written on the sealed side. The dog thinks “Wow! Here’s one that’s sealed with a slobber.”

Old Dog New Tricks

Two old dogs are sitting in rockers. Both wear glasses. The male is looking kind of shy. The female is knitting and comments,” Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

Vampires Who Neck

A vampire couple is sitting at a table having a drink at local bar. He is saying their relationship would never work because they’d always be a each others throat. Vampires necking?

Oh! Ooooh! Oh!


Sweetbuns Humor

  Cartoon of man in bakery asking for a handful from a female baker with a tray of fresh sweetbuns. Is he doing his best to flirt? Happy Valentine’s Day to your sweetbuns.

Russet Good for you?

Two potatoes are in bed. They’ve made love. And it was great. Why not? Both knew from the starch they were a perfect mash.

Timing’s Everything!

A gentleman dog is at the door, dressed in a suit and holding a bouquet of flowers and a heart-shaped box of Valentine’s Day chocolates for his girlfriend, a poodle. She’s standing in the doorway, in dress, shoes, jeweled collar. And she says his timing is perfect.

Mushy Valentines

A cowboy wonders aloud who is sending him mushy Valentine cards. His horse sighs and has a tear in her eye. She’s suffering unrequited love.

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