Before Danny the Dinosaur: The Early Cartoons of Syd Hoff

Syd Hoff was a prolific cartoonist, writer, children’s book author and illustrator.  Born in 1912, he started drawing when he was four and never stopped. Serendipitously, when Hoff was in high school, cartoonist Milt Gross came to give a talk, saw Hoff’s work and predicted that someday Hoff would be a great cartoonist. On the […]


10 Monster Laughs for Halloween

Thanksgiving is a Long Term Commitment

Two hard hat workers at lunch table. One of the men has sprouted a turkey tail and snood. His buddy is astounded to see the guy is still eating another turkey sandwich?

Crash Diets Do Work

Cartoon of a woman trying to reach food in her refrigerator. But she’s being blocked by an airbag. The airbag was triggered when she opened the refrigerator door. It’s proof crash diets do work?

Humor: Why Dinosaurs Disappeared.

What brought down the mighty dinosaurs?

But It’s Not My Birthday.


Birthday Card Humor: Time to Celebrate?


World Leaders Meet or Ostrich Bar?

Bugs Bunny Addendum

A few more images to celebrate Bugs Bunny’s birth, yesterday with the release of “A Wild Hare,” by Dick Chodkowski – Gagster Chod                

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