A Stevan Dohanos Gallery

A Selection of his Saturday Evening Post Covers In the long line of famous illustrators whose paintings regularly graced the covers of the Saturday Evening Post, a few jump out immediately. The name of Stevan Dohanos has to rank in the top three. Leyendecker had incredible style and flair. Norman Rockwell, well, he was Norman […]

When Men Wore Hats. Seriously.

When guys really wore hats, before J.F.K. made them passe with his hatless public appearances, men wore them everywhere. Sporty hats, formal hats, top hats, caps, berets. While western hats (a.k.a. Cowboy Hats) are still popular in places today., (except for self-styled hipsters) the urban male has generally forsaken the topper. Maybe the nostalgic look […]

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