10 Monster Laughs for Halloween

Halloween Candy Workout.

First you workout collecting the candy. Then you workout eating the candy. It’s a win-win.

Enjoy A Real Halloween Bash

Necrophilia is NOT dead

It’s not necrophilia if you’re both dead.

Halloween Ghostly Cartoon

Holding Your Own On Halloween. On the other hand, they are having a beer. Some people will find that reassuring.

Retired Werewolves Recalling Great Halloween Full Moons.

Two retired werewolves are sitting out on the porch. It’s a starry night and a full moon. And they’re recalling past great Halloweens with full moons.

Nice and Plump

HALLOWEEN QUIZ On Halloween you:   A. Get the treats. B. Are the treats  

Halloween Treats for an Alligator.

  Kit Kats are a favorite to an array of species.

Frankenstein’s Monster Flaw

A lady vampire is in bed with Frankenstein. She planned on monster sex for Halloween. Instead, she discovered Frankenstein is missing one vital part.

Crash Diets Do Work

Cartoon of a woman trying to reach food in her refrigerator. But she’s being blocked by an airbag. The airbag was triggered when she opened the refrigerator door. It’s proof crash diets do work?

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