10 Monster Laughs for Halloween

Halloween Candy Workout.

First you workout collecting the candy. Then you workout eating the candy. It’s a win-win.

Enjoy A Real Halloween Bash

Blood Bank Gone Sour

A vampire couple is sitting at a table having a drink at a local bar. He is explaining that their relationship would never work because they’d always be a each others throat.

Dangerous Halloween Moves #2

WARNING: A witch texting while flying can be dangerous. This one flew smack into a building.

Ghost Makes Bad Move

He Hit the Fan.

Necrophilia is NOT dead

It’s not necrophilia if you’re both dead.

Candy Treat or Evil Plot? Halloween Cartoon/Card

A Spell Too Potent? Halloween Cartoon

When you work your magic…there will be consequences.

Halloween Ghostly Cartoon

Holding Your Own On Halloween. On the other hand, they are having a beer. Some people will find that reassuring.

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