The Dog Made Me Read It.

Who can resist a puppy picture? Here are some great vintage dog illustrations. These are tear sheets available at Monroe Street Books. Click the links below to purchase these great ads and covers. Suitable for framing. Check out all our Vintage Magazine Covers here.

Harper's Weekly September 23, 1911 cover. Illustrated by G.W. Harting. Shows dog with suitcases and trunks.
Harper’s Weekly September 23, 1911 cover. Illustrated by G.W. Harting
Cover of January 30, 1937 of the Saturday Evening Post. Bassett Hound's closeup of face. Illustrated by Paul Bransom.
Saturday Evening Post, January 30, 1937.
Pictorial Review, September 1929. Shows a woman holding a scottie dog.
Pictorial Review, September 1929.
Saturday Evening Post cover from September 17, 1949. Shows a father and young boy looking at dogs in the pound. Illustrated by Amos Sewell.
The Saturday Evening Post, September 17, 1949.
The Saturday Evening Post, March 21, 1953. Shows a moving truck and a white poodle in the door yard. In the street, there are 4 dogs looking on. Illustrated by Stevan Dohanos.
The Saturday Evening Post, March 21, 1953
Woman's Home Companion, November 1924. Shows a dog and puppy on the front porch with another dirty puppy on the step. Illustrated by Warren Davis.
Woman’s Home Companion, November 1924.
The Saturday Evening Post, August 21, 1948. Cover shows a cocker spaniel with a shoe in its mouth. Illustrated by Albert Staehle.
The Saturday Evening Post, August 21, 1948.
The Country Gentleman, August 22, 1914. Shows a puppy watching five baby chicks eating out of its food bowl.
The Country Gentleman, August 22, 1914.
Good Housekeeping, June 1932 shows a baby and puppy in a wash bin. Illustrated by Jessie Wilcox Smith.
Good Housekeeping, June 1932
Collier's Cover March 23, 1907. Showing a man walking 3 greyhounds. Drawn by Edward Penfield.
Collier’s Cover March 23, 1907.
This is a vintage ad for Friskies brand dog food. It shows a woman with two children looking at puppies for sale at a pet shop. Painting by Douglass Crockwell.
Painting by Douglass Crockwell.

Monroe Street Books has a selection of books with dog illustrations. Take a look at the following links.

The Good Dog Book Illustrated by Gustaf Tenggren

Puppies Dogs and Blue Northers by Gary Paulsen

Jill’s Dogs by Jill Freedman

The Wonderful Dog Show by Katherine Mace

Police Dog by Roderic Jeffries

Scrub Dog of Alaska by Walt Morey

Flash – The Lead Dog by George Marsh

The Lost History of the Canine Race. Our 15000 Year Love Affair with Dogs by Mary Elizabeth Thurston

Educated Dogs of Today by Kate Sanborn

SIGNED BY ILLUSTRATOR – Collected Dog Stories by Rudyard Kipling

My Dog’s Brain by Stephen Huneck

Renni the Rescuer, A Dog of the Battlefield by Felix Salten

Jack the Fire Dog by Lily F. Wesselhoeft

Dog of Flanders by Ouida

Jane Martin Dog Detective by Eve Bunting

My Dog Trip by Deborah Kogan Ray

The Reign of the Greyhound. A popular history of Dogs by Cynthia Branigan

Soul of a Dog. Reflections on the Spirit of the Animals of Bedlam Farm by Jon Katz

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