On Cue. And Action.

The cat is a wreck and so is the living room. And mother is very pleased with the video she’s shot of the action. Extra treats are in order tonight.

No Guts. No Glory.

Cartoon of Two cats on a couch. One claims he could have been an internet sensation. But then he saw the bathtub.

Cat Food for Endorsements

What they don’t have is an agent. They need an agent.

It’s Not About Fame and Fortune

One cat is telling another she doesn’t do videos for fame and fortune. She does them for catnip and belly rubs.”

She Was Just a Stray….

Two cats are watching a cat video on TV. One remarks he knew the star when she was just a stray.

Yarn: A Vehicle to Stardom.

Two cats are looking at a ball of yarn. One comments that it looks like an ordinary ball of yarn. But in the right paws it’s a vehicle to stardom.

You Want a Pro, Call Me

Two cats stretched out on lounge chairs, sitting pool-side. Both wear sunglasses. They look like jaded Hollywood stars.

The Cat Celebrates Easter

It’s Easter and this cat celebrates by taking a snooze in the cozy fake grass in an Easter basket.

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