The Art of Cakes and Pies: Famous Illustrators

Famous illustrators rendered mouth-watering art of cake and pies in glorious color. In the early part of the last century, almost all food advertising had to use art work, not photography. Color photography produced dark images that were not suitable for the printed page. Hams, canned vegetables and fruits and especially baked goods were illustrated in full-page ads, usually with recipes and serving suggestions. Here's a little gallery of cake and pie art that caught our attention.


Pillsbury's Best Flour "balanced" for perfect baking with brownies.

Merritt Cutler, 1920s

Crisco Shortening and Pineapple Pie with recipe

Artist Unknown, 1919

Snowdrift Shortening and lemon meringue pie with recipe

Merritt Cutler, 1929

Royal Baking Powder and Three-Egg Angel Cake with recipe.

Artist Unknown, 1919

Snowdrift Shortening and Nut Loaf Cake with recipe. Flowers decorate table, too.

Edwin Georgi, 1926

Advertisement from 1927 showing a mince meat pie on a plate. Heinz Jars of Mince meat are layout on the left. Text on bottom. Full page ad.

Rene Clarke, 1927

Swans Down Cake Flour with Hot Milk Sponge Cake and recipe.

Aritst Unknown, 1930

Swans Down Cake Flour with Layer Cake and recipe.

Guy "Giro" Rowe, 1931

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