Burger Chef Funburger Evolves Into the Funmeal.

by Dick Chodkowski – @GagsterChod In 1973, Burger Chef Restaurants decided to direct a campaign aimed at kids with the purpose of getting children to influence the family decision on where to go for lunch. With that in mind, the Funburger evolved into the Funmeal. A Funburger would come with fries, a drink and a […]

Ogilvy and Mather Mad Men give birth to Burger Chef and Jeff and the Funburger.

by Dick Chodkowski – @GagsterChod Ogilvy and Mather’s Los Angeles team working on the Burger Chef account came up with the concept of creating two spokespersons that appealed to children. And so the cartoon characters Burger Chef and Jeff were born. The Burger Chef logo was designed by Tony Haller. Everyone on the team had […]

Funburger advertising

The Funburger and later the Funmeal were featured in print and TV ads. by Dick Chodkowski – @GagsterChod The main characters were Burger Chef and Jeff who ran the restaurant. Various characters came into the store with problems that Burger Chef solved with much merriment and word play.

Burger Chef and Jeff in the Missing Pickles Mystery

Mad Men and Don Draper take note  by Dick Chodkowski – @GagsterChod Ogilvy & Mather’s Los Angeles office handled the Burger Chef account from about 1973-1978. Their New York office had a number of General Foods accounts and GF had recently acquired the fast food franchise. Part of Burger Chef’s strategy was to appeal to […]

Burger Chef and Jeff in the Haunted Hotel Mystery

Scarce 1975 Burger Chef and Jeff comic books.    by Dick Chodkowski – @GagsterChod Back in the day when there were Burger Chef fast food restaurants, Burger Chef and Jeff were the cartoon spokesmen featured in commercials and store premiums aimed at kids. There were 2 comic books printed for giveaways in their popular Funburgers […]

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