A Spell Too Potent? Halloween Cartoon

When you work your magic…there will be consequences.

Halloween Ghostly Cartoon

Holding Your Own On Halloween.

Retired Werewolves Recalling Great Halloween Full Moons.

Two retired werewolves are sitting out on the porch. It’s a starry night and a full moon. And they’re recalling past great Halloweens with full moons.

Nice and Plump

HALLOWEEN QUIZ On Halloween you:   A. Get the treats. B. Are the treats  

Halloween Is Going to the Dogs.

Dogs like to go trick or treating, too. But they have their short-comings. For one thing, they can’t reach the doorbell.

Candy Galore – Halloween Cartoons

Candy Party Gone Wild

Halloween Treats for an Alligator.

  Kit Kats are a favorite to an array of species.

Smashed Pumpkins – Halloween Cartoons

Two pumpkins in a pumpkin patch are talking. One sits in a little puddle and has cracks all over. And that pumpkin is explaining that the reconstructive surgery went smoothly but she still gets terrible headaches. 

Candy Corn – Halloween Cartoons

The trick is getting an edge on treating.  

A Horrible Spell For Halloween

Cartoon of a witch standing before a standard classroom chalk board. The witch has written H-o-l-o-w-e a-n; H-a-l-o-w-e-i-n and H-a-l-a-w-i-n on the board and is contemplating which horrible spell she should use.

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