Like Cats Take Direction.

A woman in her living room, videotaping her cat while prompting the cat to look at her and do something cute. The cat is sitting on the couch with a ball of yarn, seemingly dumbfounded by the request.

All’s Fair in Cat Video Posts

Cartoon of a cat showing a video on a smart phone to another cat. And he explains she posted a clip of him getting a bath. So he posted one of her getting out of the shower. See more Dick Chodkowski cartoons about:   Animals,   Cats

Kitty Haunted by Her Past

Cartoon of mother cat talking to her kittens. She explains that someday they may see a video she’s in that she’s not proud of. 

Who’s the most frazzled of us all?

A frazzled looking feline is staring into space. Another cat recognizes him as the star of the “cat verses mirror” videos.

Draw line on Laser Lights

A cat admits he’ll roll around with yarn but he draws the line on laser lights.

On Cue. And Action.

ACTION! The cat is a wreck and so is the living room. But it’s worth did. Mom has some fantastic footage that will make a great video to post on line. Extra treats are in order tonight.

Cat Food for Endorsements

What they don’t have is an agent. They need an agent. See more Dick Chodkowski cartoons about:   Animals,   Cats

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