Decorative Food Art of Rene Clarke

Nobody drew and painted food like Rene Clarke. He joined the advertising firm of Caulkins and Holden in 1912, where he remained for 44 years. He became Art Director and served the last 7 years as President.  While his given name was James Alfred Clarke, he admired a French artist by the name of Rene Vincent. His associates at Caulkins and Holden started calling him Rene, which he apparently liked and he adopted it.

During the 20s he doubled as artist as well as creative director on the agency’s signature accounts, Wesson Oil and Heinz Products. His talent as a designer raised the ads far above the common visuals of the era. The following is a small sample of the artistry he brought to common food products.

Wesson Oil being poured onto salad. Can says "for french dressing." Ad says women like it because tastes good and it's healthy too.
Snowdrift Shortening and pumpkin pie with recipe.
1920s ad Snowdrift Shortening for Frying. A cast iron pan with hunk of snowdrift melting. Snowdrift can nearby.
Advertisement from 1927 showing a mince meat pie on a plate. Heinz Jars of Mince meat are layout on the left. Text on bottom. Full page ad.
Bottle of Heinz Tomato Ketchup in front of pastel illustration of food on plate.

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