Sealed with a Slobber.

A dog is taking an envelope from the mailbox. The envelope has S.W.A.S. written on the sealed side. The dog thinks “Wow! Here’s one that’s sealed with a slobber.”


Cartoon of a dog and cat eating at a restaurant table. The dog is complaining that there’s a hair in his soup and the cat doesn’t see why it’s a big deal.

This Means War

There is a flying saucer parked in background. A dog has just peed on a fire hydrant. But it’s not a hydrant, it’s a alien And it says to the dog that this means war between their planets.

Gets My Vote.

A dog is on stage, standing at a podium. He’s giving a political speech to audience of dogs. One of the observers turns to his buddy and says he likes the candidate because he sounds authentic.

Old Dog New Tricks

Two old dogs are sitting in rockers. Both wear glasses. The male is looking kind of shy. The female is knitting and comments,” Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

A Time For Hope

A prairie dog on a desolate plain. He’s peering up from his burrow to see a star shinning bright. In the sky is written, “Christmas is a time for hope.”

Vampires Who Neck

A vampire couple is sitting at a table having a drink at local bar. He is saying their relationship would never work because they’d always be a each others throat. Vampires necking?

Celebrate Christmas with cartoon humor.

Be thankful for a tankful.

An Indian and pilgrim are sitting at a table. The Indian is showing the pilgrim an ear of corn. He’s explaining maize means bio-fuel but it’s also edible.


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