Thanksgiving Dinner Going to the Dogs

Turkey Thanksgiving Service

Thanksgiving Is For Sweethearts, Too!

Burger Chef & Jeff Comic Strips

As the writer-art director, I hired a number of different artists to complete the finished art. Frank Page, Leo Monahon and Marty Murphy among them. Most of the visuals shown of various promotions were drawn by Frank Page, a successful Los Angeles illustrator who had just the right design sense for the material. By the […]

Burger Chef Promotions and Puzzles.

by Dick Chodkowski. In the course of the six years that Burger Chef ran the campaign, literally hundreds of promotional pieces were created by the Ogilvy and Mather team in Los Angeles including tattoos, glass designs, decals, buttons, comic books and puzzles. Here are some puzzles. Magician Burgerini’s rabbit is lost and he’s asking for […]

How To Dress A Turkey

Close Calls for Turkeys

Halloween Candy Workout.

Blood Bank Gone Sour

A vampire couple is sitting at a table having a drink at a local bar. He is explaining that their relationship would never work because they’d always be a each others throat.

Dangerous Halloween Moves

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