Valentine Comix

A man is at the Post Office sending out 1,000 perfumed Valentine Day cards signed “Guess Who.” He explains it’s good for business. He’s a divorce lawyer.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Celebration

A woman describes the perfect Valentine’s Day celebration. Then says it would be even better with a partner.

Cupid’s Boycott Suggestion.

Cupid is sitting on the sidewalk, his back against a building. He has a cup for contributions. His bow and arrow lay nearby. He holds a protest sign telling people to boycott dating sites.

Cupid Control Center

Two cupids are sitting in front of a wall of computer screens. They are following different dating sites. But one cupid doesn’t care if the new system is more efficient. He misses using the arrows.

No Necking.

There’s a full moon and Love is in the air. But first the vampire couple, each with a beautiful pair of fangs, agrees “No hickies.”

Sealed with a Slobber.

A dog is taking an envelope from the mailbox. The envelope has S.W.A.S. written on the sealed side. The dog thinks “Wow! Here’s one that’s sealed with a slobber.”

Oh! Ooooh! Oh!


Sweetbuns Humor

  Cartoon of man in bakery asking for a handful from a female baker with a tray of fresh sweetbuns. Is he doing his best to flirt? Happy Valentine’s Day to your sweetbuns.

Russet Good for you?

Two potatoes are in bed. They’ve made love. And it was great. Why not? Both knew from the starch they were a perfect mash.

Timing’s Everything!

A gentleman dog is at the door, dressed in a suit and holding a bouquet of flowers and a heart-shaped box of Valentine’s Day chocolates for his girlfriend, a poodle. She’s standing in the doorway, in dress, shoes, jeweled collar. And she says his timing is perfect.

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