Thought You Said Tutoring.

A puppy and his mother are at the veterinarian’s. The puppy is a little shocked. He thought his mother said he was going to Vet for “tutoring.”

The Nose Knows

Two shaggy-haired dogs are facing each other. Love is in the air. And one dog says to the other dog, “You smell cute. The nose knows.


Two dogs in bed. They’ve made love. It was a big bow-WOW.

It’s Normal At Our Age.

Two dogs are in a backyard where “Sparky” is digging holes everywhere. The other dog tells him to relax because bone loss is normal at their age.

Best Friended

A sweet dog sits at his computer. He’s on a social networking site and he’s really happy because he’s been best-friended again.

The Best Part Is…

Two “girlfriend” dogs are having coffee at the kitchen table. One is showing the other “his” picture in her wallet. “Isn’t he a doll?” she asks. “And the best part is he hasn’t been neutered?” 

A Real Surprise!

A dog is wearing a birthday party hat. He explains to another dog that the party was a total surprise. Everyone jumped out and screamed “Happy Birthday” just as he was licking his balls.

Sealed with a Slobber.

A dog is taking an envelope from the mailbox. The envelope has S.W.A.S. written on the sealed side. The dog thinks “Wow! Here’s one that’s sealed with a slobber.”


Cartoon of a dog and cat eating at a restaurant table. The dog is complaining that there’s a hair in his soup and the cat doesn’t see why it’s a big deal.

This Means War

Fire hydrants are emerging from a flying saucer. Not realizing, a dog has just peed on one near him. The alien hydrant looks annoyed and says this means war between our planets.

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