Eye Candy for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. A time when a young man’s fancy gently turns to thoughts of… candy.

To celebrate here’s a collection of great retro candy ads. Some of these treats are no longer found on the candy counters. In fact, most of the candy counters have also disappeared. Enjoy. Just don’t spoil you appetite for dinner.

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Whitman's Sampler Chocolate advertisement featuring art by Ray Prohaska showing military woman getting mail including box of chocolate.

Whitman's Sampler, 1943 Art: Ray Prohaska

1929 ad for Baby Ruth Candy Bar showing illustration of a man and woman in the parlor eating chocolate.

Baby Ruth, 1929

Necco candy Christmas advertisement showing illustration of three children in fron to f fireplace holding large Necco wafers.

Necco Wafers, 1950

1927 ad for Baby Ruth candy bars featuring two children skating. The girl skater has fallen down and the boy is helping her up.

Baby Ruth, 1927

1930s ad for Life Savers featuring art showing the colored life savers as balloons being sold to a little girl and little boy from a colorful cart vendor.

Life Savers, 1930s

Milky Way ad from 1930 showing boys playing football with text 'now watch us tackle a milky way.' Prominant two boys are in yellow and red sweaters.

Milky Way, 1930s

Whitman's Chocolate Sampler advertisement featuring illustration by Ray Prohaska of a couple embracing after a fight with headline saying "Situation Normal-again"

Whitman's Sampler 1946 Art: Ray Prohaska

1926 ad for Baby Ruth Candy Bar showing illustration of school children. The boy is holding the girl's books while offering her a baby ruth. The copy under says Temptation! every lover of good candy is won over to Baby Ruth..etc

Baby Ruth, 1926

M&M's Candy Coated Chocolate ad from 1942 showing two military dressed man and woman.

M&M's Candy, 1942

Vertical ad for Mars Bars from 1954. Ad shows heads of a man and woman sharing a candy bar, a large mars bar in middle, and ingredients on the bottom.

Mars Bar, 1954

Advertisement for Curtiss Penny Candies from 1930s. Featuring illustrations of candy bars, Dip, Buy Jiminy, Butterfinger, baby ruth, etc.

Curtiss Candy, 1930s

1930 Life Savers ad featuring the flavor orange as a new taste sensation.

Life Savers, 1930

Whitman's Sampler Chocolate advertisement from 1954 featuring Humphrey Bogart

Whitman's Sampler, 1954

1955 ad for Peter Paul's Mounds Candy Bar. Red and green colored background with chocolate bar coming out of a coconut.

Mounds Bar, 1955

Johnston's Chocolate advertisement from 1928 showing bell boy in red suit holding lots of presents, including the box of Johnston's chocolate.

Johnston's Chocolate, 1928

1947 ad for Clark candy bars showing a woman diving. Very vertical ad.

Clark Bar, 1947

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