Elegant pen work of Edwin Austin Abbey

Philadelphia-born Edwin Austin Abbey rocketed to artistic success early in life. He started his career as an artist producing illustrations for Harper’s Weekly Magazine when he was a teenager. He quickly established a reputation as a fine pen and ink artist and became a star in the Harper stable of illustrators. Later, he moved to England, became a member of the Royal Academy and a successful painter and muralist on both sides of the Atlantic.

He’s less remembered today for his remarkable pen drawings he did early on at Harper and Brothers. Here’s a small gallery of that work.

Harpers Magazine 1887

Pen and ink by Edwin Abbey. Sally looking out from a doorway. 1883.

Harpers Magazine 1883

Tony. "No Offense; But question for questions is all fair, you know." - She Stoops to Conquer, Act 1., Scene 2. Drawing from E.A. Abbey.

Harpers Magazine 1883

May I a small house and large garden have; and a few friends and ... a mistress moderately fair. 1887.

Harpers Magazine 1887

The Day of Rest by Edwin Austin Abbey. Published in Harpers Magazine 1884.

Harpers Magazine 1884

Harpers Magazine 1883

Harpers Magazine 1886

As some fair female, adorn''d and plain, Secure to please while youth confirms her reign. Drawn by Edwin Abbey. Harper Magazine 1902

Harpers Magazine 1902

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