Congratulations Graduates. Welcome to the Jungle.

You might think graduation is the end of the struggle but actually it’s just the beginning. As the saying goes when you enter the working world: Welcome to the Jungle

Mushy Valentines

A cowboy wonders aloud who is sending him mushy Valentine cards. His horse sighs and has a tear in her eye. She’s suffering unrequited love.

Turkey Thanksgiving Service

A turkey is on the phone. She has a hanky in hand and a tear in her eye. She’s very emotional as she describes the service for another turkey who​was roasted for Thanksgiving. “He was laid out on a bed of mashed sweet potatoes…”

Think Fashion For Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is coming. So it’s time to think about dressing the turkey. Hope you have better taste than this turkey does.

Close Calls for Turkeys

Two turkey couples are sitting on couches having cocktails. They’re talking about “close-calls.” One of them does not have his head. His partner wants him to tell their friends about his close call last Thanksgiving.

Retired Werewolves Recalling Great Halloween Full Moons.

Two retired werewolves are sitting out on the porch. It’s a starry night and a full moon. And they’re recalling past great Halloweens with full moons.

Halloween Treats for an Alligator.

  Kit Kats are a favorite to an array of species.

World Leaders Meet or Ostrich Bar?