Burger Chef Funmeal: Fangburger

The Fangburger Flyer: One side of a Fangburger mobile. With instructions.

Fangburger Funmeal: FRONT

The other side of the Fangburger Flyer to cut out. Vampire jokes included.

Fangburger Funmeal: BACK

A Fangburger accessories kit, with false fangs, skeleton key, etc.

Fangburger Funmeal: BOTTOM

Decorated with a wood steak, sheet belt and other cartoons. There’s Funmoney, too

Fangburger Funmeal: Food Tray

About Dick Chodkowski

Illustrator/writer: greeting cards, advertising art, children's and humor books and co-owner of Vermont's biggest and best used book store: Monroe Street Books

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