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When discussing Dick Chodkowski, people have asked, "Why is he so quiet? What does he do in his room all day? Where does he get all his ideas?"

Taking a page from history, we see that 2nd grade teacher J.G.. Saviski, commented on then 2nd-grader Chodkowski's report card, "Richard is a very good worker. (But) I would like him to enter into class discussions more often."

Dick didn't change. He still doesn't enter into many discussions - hence, he's quiet. And he's still a good worker, which is what he does when he's in his room.

As for all the ideas? It's out of his mind - a complex labyrinth of endless puns and visions of irony, impossible to navigate, easy to appreciate.

Let's just say that he showed a knack for it early in life.

santa by numbers that Dick drew in jr. high school